US TOUR 2017

Date City
11.26.2017 CARMEL, IN
11.28.2017 OSHKOSH, WI
11.29.2017 OSHKOSH, WI
11.30.2017 CHICAGO, IL
12.02.2017 READING, PA
12.03.2017 UNION, NJ
12.05.2017 GALESBURG, IL
12.07.2017 SHREVEPORT, LA
12.08.2017 CROCKET, TX
12.10.2017 PUEBLO, CO
12.12.2017 TUCSON, AZ
12.12.2017 TUCSON, AZ
12.15.2017 CEDAR CITY, UT
12.16.2017 LOS ANGELES, CA
12.17.2017 LOS ANGELES, CA
12.19.2017 TACOMA, WA
12.21.2017 SAN FRANCISCO, CA
12.22.2017 SAN MATEO, CA
12.23.2017 ESCONDIDO, CA
12.24.2017 GLENDALE, CA

Russian Grand Ballet is proud to present the world’s most loved Christmas classic danced by Russia’s brightest ballet stars. Before there was Toy Story, there was The Nutcracker. Masha, one of ballet’s pluckiest heroines, journeys to a land where toys come to life. This magical fantasy, based on a fairy tale by Hoffman isn’t just for Christmas. Tchaikovsky’s lustrous music and the magnificent choreography of Marius Petipa have made this beloved story a must-see for children of all ages.