Estas Tonne


Date City Tickets
11.01.2018 ESCONDIDO, CA Tickets
11.02.2018 SAN DIEGO, CA Tickets
11.04.2018 LOS ANGELES, CA Tickets
11.06.2018 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Tickets
11.07.2018 SACRAMENTO, CA Tickets
11.08.2018 LIVERMORE, CA Tickets
11.10.2018 SANTA CRUZ, CA Tickets
11.11.2018 SAN LUIS, CA Tickets
11.13.2018 RIVERSIDE, CA Tickets
11.14.2018 THOUSAND OAKS, CA Tickets
11.16.2018 ASHLAND, OR Tickets
11.17.2018 EUGENE, OR Tickets
11.18.2018 PORTLAND, OR Tickets
11.20.2018 SEATTLE, WA Tickets
11.21.2018 OLYMPIA, WA Tickets
11.30.2018 SAN ANTONIO, TX Tickets
12.02.2018 HOUSTON, TX Tickets
12.04.2018 BOULDER, CO Tickets
12.05.2018 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Tickets
12.07.2018 SEDONA, AZ Tickets
12.09.2018 TUCSON, AZ Tickets
12.11.2018 MINNEAPOLIS, MN Tickets
12.12.2018 MILWAKEE, WI Tickets
12.14.2018 CHICAGO, IL Tickets
12.15.2018 COLUMBUS, OH Tickets

The world famous guitar virtuoso Estas Tonne performs in the US for the first time this Fall. The upcoming tour, The Breath of Sound, reaches the followers of bold guitar music and unique art & culture, as well as spiritual wellbeing. Through his music Tonne invites people to close their eyes, open their hearts and dive into a sacred space where one can experience music in the purest form.

His Song of the Golden Dragon surpassed over 40 million views on Youtube, we can see Estas and hear his music in Claude Lelouch's most recent film "Chacun sa vie" (Everyone's life). And we can't get enough.

As a modern-day Troubadour Estas Tonne travels countless places and finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world.