Sleeping Beauty

US TOUR 2016

Date City
09.20.2016 BURLINGTON, VT
09.28.2016 PITTSBURG, PA
10.05.2016 BEAUMONT, TX
10.06.2016 RICHARDSON, TX
10.07.2016 STAFFORD, TX
10.13.2016 RIVERSIDE, CA
10.14.2016 GLENDALE, CA
10.21.2016 STOCKTON, CA
10.22.2016 VISALIA, CA
10.28.2016 TACOMA, WA

Following Russian Grand Ballet’s successful U.S. debut performance at Alex Theatre during its 2015 North American Tour, the troupe is returning to invite all ballet lovers to the world’s favorite fairy tale! From young to old, many generations have waited for the moment of true love: when Sleeping Beauty opens her eyes, awakened by a kiss from her prince.

Featuring majestic sets, Renaissance-inspired costumes, technical brilliance, bravura dancing by outstanding performers, Tchaikovsky’s glorious score and a cast of fantastical characters, Sleeping Beauty  would captivate the hearts and imagination of all generations of ballet enthusiasts.

Russian Grand Ballet was founded by and incorporated graduates from the Great Russian Choreographic schools of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev. The principal dancers came from the upper ranks of the great ballet companies and academies. Today, the Russian Grand Ballet Theatre is its own institution, with over 50 brilliant dancers.